Project manager Leonid Shumilo
Project manager Leonid Shumilo

Geospatial Integrated Estimation System for Agricultural Land "GeoAgroEstimation"


The system is able to provide an objective estimation of the value of agricultural land, information on crop rotation, the state of the infrastructure of the area, water availability, distance to settlements and roads, the ecological state of the locality, socioeconomic indicators, qualitative estimation of the vegetation in different periods of the growing, and to monitor the productivity of any agricultural parcel of ground in the territory of Ukraine in the form of a web resource.


The service will provide the following capabilities to:

  • find in the automatic mode the desired plot of land by evaluating compliance with the search criteria
  • publish ads for land sale or rent
  • get an analysis of crop rotation and land productivity
  • monitor the changes in the characteristics of your land in real time