Shot Analyzer

Project manager
Project manager

A system for automatic identification and analysis of target accuracy during a military or sport shooting practice.


The main objective is to increase the quality of the training of shooters (both athletes and militaries) by automating the process of identification and analysis of target hits.


In military or sport training on shooting, there is a problem of time and resources consumption for analyzing the target state after shooting.


It is necessary to match one target to one shooter and monitor whether the shots are precise during the series.


Bad weather conditions at the open site can greatly complicate, or even make it impossible to analyze the target’s condition.


The proposed system offers complete automation of the target analysis process. It implements remote monitoring of the target and automatic analysis of its condition with the calculation of the required statistical parameters.


The system kit includes several cameras and data processing server which has a secure connection from a user device (smartphone, tablet, laptop). The users can control the camera through their devices which give them the information on target hits, sequence and number of points scored.


The results are displayed on the graphical interface. Hit statistics are retained, some tools for progress analyzing and comparing the results of training are provided.


The main channels of the implementation of the system are shooting guns, shooting clubs, shooting galleries, military-industrial complex.


As the next step of the development, the organization of complete automation of a shooting-range is considered.