Project manager
Project manager

LessRad (from "Less Radiation") is a unique software that can "develop" X-ray and tomographic images.


The main idea of the project is to reduce the radiation burden on the patient during X-ray and tomographic studies. In parallel with the decrease in radiation, thanks to a unique algorithm for image processing, the informative content of the image increases, that in turn allows the physician to diagnose a particular pathology in more detail.


Using our software, radiographic and tomographic scanning of patients is possible at a much lower level of the output voltage of the radiographic and tomographic apparatus.


An undervoltage reduces the radiation burden on the patient but does not affect the quality of the images.


Modeling on real photos showed that the radiation load on the patient could be reduced to almost 100 times without losing the information of the image. In addition, reducing the operating voltage of X-ray and tomographic equipment will not only reduce the cost of the complex but also improve the working conditions of radiologists.


The sensitivity of the processing algorithm is so high that the application can detect artifacts caused by incorrect algorithms for calculating tomograms, or noise and regular errors made by the channel in the snapshot.


In the development of new generation tomographs, the software can be used as a tool for conducting a metrological testing of X-ray and tomographic imaging systems.