Electrothermosurgical instruments

Igor Khudetsky
Project manager Igor Khudetsky

Electrothermosurgical instruments for minimally invasive and endoscopic surgical interventions.


This project combines two groups of thermosurgical instruments that work on different physical principles.


The first group includes thermosurgical instruments for high-frequency coagulation and welding up of the vessels. The bipolar technology of tools manufacturing allows working with the entire list of high-frequency thermo-surgical equipment, which is presented in the market, throughout the whole frequency range. Typically, these devices have a working frequency of 400 kHz.


In turn, tools for conducting surgical interventions during fibergastroscopy are manufactured according to the diameter of the canal for probes of a particular apparatus. Our probes can be manufactured for devices with the smallest channel diameter of 2.2 mm. The main purpose of these probes: stop bleeding from ulcers, ruptures, wounds in the duodenum, stomach and esophagus. Compared to monopolar technology and argon-plasma technology for fibrogastroscopes, which are effective in about 50% of cases, bipolar technology is effective in about 80% of cases. The technology of bipolar probe making is a more complicated.


Similar probes can also be used to stop bleeding in the proctology with the use of fibrocolonoscopes.


Another subgroup of the high-frequency thermo-surgical instrument is designed to work with ports from 5 to 10 mm during non-invasive laparoscopic surgical interventions. The use of bipolar technology gives the surgeon additional advantages in the process of surgical intervention.


A set of tools based on the technology of convectional-infrared technology of tissue coagulation has been developed for non-invasive laparoscopic surgical interventions, operations in proctology and open surgical interventions. This technology allows coagulation of tissues under the influence of heated air flow in conjunction with infrared radiation. The features of the temperature regime of such a heat flow and the ratio of convection and infrared components allow optimizing the process of wound tissue processing depending on the stage of the infectious process.


A feature of this technology is a combination of the possibility of stopping bleeding from small vessels of tissues and parenchymal organs (liver, kidneys, etc.) and simultaneous disinfection of the wound. This is important in conducting surgical interventions for infectious-complicated surgical pathology. The technology is effective both for infected wounds in the early stages of the infectious process and for chronic purulent wounds.


A significant advantage in promoting the electrothermosurgical instrument for minimally invasive surgical interventions to the market of medical services is the possibility of its supply with a multifunctional thermosurgical device BTA-300 PATONMED. The device combines the possibility of using the entire set of high-frequency and convection-infrared thermosurgical instruments. The apparatus has undergone a complete cycle of preclinical tests, is manufactured and operated within the framework of agreements on scientific and technical cooperation.