Acid Correction Module DFPF

Yevhen Lyubimov
Project Manager Yevhen Lyubimov

Acid Correction Module for Dielectric Fluid Purification Filter (DFPF)


Numerous studies carried out both in our country and abroad have shown that the contamination of working fluids with mechanical particles and water leads to a number of negative consequences and, in the end, a significant economic loss (stopping the process, equipment repairing, premature aging and replacement working fluids).


Provision of industrial purity lubricants systems of turbine units and turbine oils is one of the most important tasks in the energy sector. Today the industry purification equipment uses porous replaceable filter elements and does not achieve the desired results, or the cost of such purification exceeds the cost of the lubricant itself.


The principle of purification with electrostatic filters is based on the DFPF system (filters for purification of dielectric liquids). The main task is solved in this complex, namely porous replaceable filter elements of fine purification are substituted with a long-wearing electrostatic filter, which minimizes the cost of purification.


However, in 90% of cases, the main reason for the change of lubricants in the nuclear power industry is the oxidation process. 

  • 2.4 million USD is the cost of replacement of oil drain
  • 1.8 million USD is the loss from the power unit stop during replacement of lubricant

 DFPF acidity correction module allows:

  • slow down the process of the lubricant oxidation
  • shut out a premature oil change
  • eliminate the need to stop the power unit

In addition, one ton of lubricant purification takes only 29 minutes.


Modernization of DFPF units by modules of correction of acidity of lubricants with replaceable cartridges will allow to slow down the aging of lubricants, as well as extend the lubricant equipment life.