Carbon sorbent bandage

Larysa Sakhno
Project manager Larysa Sakhno

Carbon sorbent bandage based on activated carbon fibrous materials.


The carbon sorbent bandage is an activated fibrous carbon material with a developed (1500 cm2/g) sorption surface and unique sorption-kinetic characteristics. It provides rapid absorption of a large amount (up to 1.5 g per 1 g of own weight) of a various biologically active ingredients from wound content, including products of protein catabolism and proteolysis, bacterial endotoxins, biogenic amines and inflammatory mediators, which causes a decrease in the intensity of the local vascular and inflammatory reaction.


Peculiarities of the surface of fibrous carbon materials help to reduce bleeding and reduce blood loss by 1.5-2 times.


The use of such bandages improves local hemostasis, suppresses traumatic edema, reduces the intensity of local and general inflammatory reactions, prevents the development of complications, accelerates regenerative processes and reduces the time of healing of the wound.


The bandage has no side effects, has no toxic, irritating and allergenic effects, and is successfully used in surgery and combustiology (in hospitals and at home).


Particularly relevant is the use of a bandage for pre-treatment of burns in children and in emergencies (in the form of a standard set of facilities for emergency rescue groups).


The use of an adsorption carbon bandage in the first hours after a thermal injury of II-III degree inhibits the further development of local manifestations of burn disease, quickly relieves pain and 1.5-1.7 times speeds up the process of the wound healing.


To date, the bandage has been introduced in a number of military and civilian medical institutions in Ukraine. Certified to meet the requirements of DSTU ISO 13485: 2005, EN ISO 13485: 2012 in the field of designing, manufacturing, and sales of medical products.