Natalia Sherembetova
Project Manager - Natalia Sherembetova

Words2Learn is your base for foreign languages.


Many people who read texts in foreign languages face the shortage of vocabulary


Our on-line Words2Learn platform with mobile application allows you to create your own personalized adapted dictionary for specific text material and quickly learn unfamiliar words.


How it works:



  • You upload a new text (or a link to text)
  • The application analyzes the text and compiles a list of commonly used words
  • You mark these words by the principle know/do not know
  • Unknown words are stored in a personal dictionary.
  • You go to the created dictionary and work with it
  • You pass the test and note the newly learned words
  • The studied words fall into the list "known"

Our platform tracks your interests and offers new texts that allow you to consolidate the knowledge gained. In addition, you can download "word packs" for popular books.