Yury Novikov
Project manager Yury Novikov

WingX-ray – a mobile complex for digital 3D non-destructive X-ray inspection in aviation.


Most existing solutions in the field of non-destructive control in aviation either are not fully movable or use flat panels with significant limitations, namely, high sensitivity to external influences (both temperature and mechanical).


In addition, they are not repairable. In fact, the existing solutions give the ordinary X-ray images in various views that reduces the possibility of efficient work with composite materials, not to mention the dynamic inspection of the mechanisms.



Advantages of our solution:

  • Application of technology of tomosynthesis enables to conduct a deep layer examination which makes it possible to detect internal defects of units made of composite materials as well as complex mechanisms.
  • Obtaining the examination results in digital format in conjunction with the algorithms of tomosynthesis makes it possible for a user to carry out the real-time dynamic inspection.
  • The mobility of the device makes it possible to move the device and to conduct operational surveys by unqualified personnel, and then to send the digital results of the inspection to a qualified expert for a detailed examination.
  • Possibility to use different energy sources makes it possible to carry out the inspection even in insufficiently equipped aerodromes.
  • Resistance to external influences (shock, temperature, moisture).
  • Modular design enables to quickly eliminate troubles in the field.