Multiviewer Wider

Anton Galiashynskyi
Project manager Anton Galiashynskyi

Multiviewer Wider – a projection monoblock with a panoramic multi-screen and on-board active equipment.


Laser display technologies provide high-resolution and contrasting content, a built-in powerful computer and stereo speakers allow you to informatize and insonify both small classrooms and assembly halls and exhibition complexes.


The panoramic seamless screen provides high-quality visualization of big data and complex objects. The screen is well adapted for binocular perception of information. Contoured dynamic backlighting of the screen attracts attention, focuses a viewer on the most important elements and can serve as an indicator of the various events that are displayed on the screen.


The multiviewer is made in the form of a mobile floor structure which is easy to assemble and disassemble; it is transported in a special transport case. Compared to any other analogues, Wider has the benefits of quality design, configuration and functionality. The projection technology is vision-safe compared to plasma and LED technologies for long-term use, has more long-term operating life and better protection during transportation and operation. Also, its energy consumption is optimized that significantly reduces the cost of operation.