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Project manager

The device of gentle inductotherapy "Vitalizator" (the patent of Ukraine to the utility model number 132333 dated 25.05.2019) is a modern innovative product, which, by its remote reflex influence, changes the emotional state of a person. This device can be configured to enhance or reduce the intensity of any human emotion.


The theoretical basis for emotional therapy was developed by the efforts of Professor Park Jae Woo from Seoul ("SuJok Emotional Therapy") and was accomplished by reflex action through acupuncture. Our studies have shown the possibility of such an impact remotely through a special method of induction therapy.


Vitalizer enables assistance to people that suffer from emotional and psychological disorders by remote emotional correction. It helps to prevent excitement, anger, irritability, sleep disturbance, cardiovascular disease, restless leg syndrome, alcohol use, overeating, and professional burnout.


The main advantage of our technology is that we exclude the use of medical psychotropic drugs which have many adverse effects and can cause drug tolerance or addiction. Also, the need for special recording, storage and control of psychotropic drugs disappears.


At this stage, we have a small electric appliance powered by a 220V network or 12V battery which must be installed in a stationary manner. Specifications: weight - from 2 kg, volume - from 6 cubic decimeters, electric power - from 20 W. The radius of the device influence from 7 meters.


For full impact on the emotional and mental state, it is enough to turn on the device for one hour at least 2 times a day.