Тарас Родцевич
Project manager Taras Rodtsevich

An innovative method of protection against counterfeits based on the uniqueness of cracks in the glass. When striking pieces of glass, the pictures of the cracks are unique - there can be no two identical.


Each product item is provided with an individual tag with a non-reproducible pattern of cracks on the glass which cannot be repeated thanks to the unique properties of glass.


To save tag digital data, the blockchain technology is used.


The distributed Blockchain database is protected against tampering and alteration, it keeps the constantly growing digital records safe.


Wherever there is the theoretical possibility of substituting the original for a counterfeit, the UATAG technology can be used.


A tag with a unique "print" of cracks in the glass is attached to the product or packaging. A buyer scans the QR code and receives the image of the bag from the protected blockchain database. If the cracks picture of the tag-identifier coincides with the cracks picture in the photo - the originality is confirmed!


Advantages of UATAG

  • Instant visual check of originality
  • Absolutely tamper-proof solution
  • Patented technology
  • Protected Blockchain Database