BAlmaz. Highly productive technologies for producing tools made of superhard materials

Project manager Anatoly Burkhan
Project manager Anatoly Burkhan

It offers a simple highly productive, waste-free, environmentally-friendly, energy-saving technology for manufacturing metal-bonded tools with a wide range of physicomechanical and operational properties.


Created by this technology, the tool will allow efficient processing of superhard metal and non-metal materials - marble, basalt, glass, ferrite, ceramics, granite, concrete, steel, hard alloy, bronze, brass, aluminum, cast iron


Tool sizes range from 3 to 5000 mm in diameter and are limited only by the equipment used.


Compared to the traditional technology of Fritsch KG (that is distributed in Germany, China, Russia, etc.), our technology provides:

  • reduction of sintering time - 15 times;
  • cost reduction for the materials of press moulds - from 35 to 176 times
  • increase of stability of press moulds - from 10 to 150 times
  • sintering without the use of a protective medium;
  • an increase in the sintering performance of at least 25 times;
  • reducing the power of the sintering equipment - from 5 to 12 times.

The above example relates to the manufacture of a diamond tablet with a diameter of 10 m


The use of grinding and polishing tools made with this technology in any line of processing will allow:

  • to reduce tool costs in 3.4 times;
  • to increase processing productivity in 2,5 times;
  • to reduce energy consumption;
  • to reduce by 770 times the preparatory-final time related to the replacement of the tool.

The technology is fully tested, ready for implementation in mass production.