Smart Paint

Vyacheslav Barsukov
Project Manager Vyacheslav Barsukov

Conductive non-toxic composite paint for shielding electromagnetic radiation.


The growing trend in the use of electronic equipment in the industry and everyday life, the development of networks of mobile cellular and office radio communication, increasing power of radio and television transmitters, widespread wireless network transmission has led to a significant increase in the intensity of electromagnetic fields.


Certain problems arose that need to be solved. This is not just about the leakage of information through electromagnetic channels, but also about the protection against parasitic electromagnetic interference both of a separate electrical equipment, and of the whole premises.


Traditional shielding methods are not always technically possible, and what is more, it is very difficult to carry out such screening of complex structures. Nevertheless, there is a way out. This is a conductive non-toxic composite SMART-paint.


SMART-paint shields electromagnetic radiation by its reflection and absorption and can be applied to any materials and surfaces of any complexity.


Comfortable and safe to use SMART-paint can be made to the needs of the customer, for specific application conditions. In addition, it can be used as a conductive base.


Market outlets:


  • Commercial and state structures that provide information protection
  • Military industry
  • Research and certification laboratories
  • Nuclear power stations and other power engineering facilities
  • Rooms with sensitive equipment
  • Enterprises of the electronic industry
  • Household rooms for people with high sensitivity to electrical and magnetic phenomena
  • Theaters, meeting rooms, examination auditoriums, and conference rooms where the use of mobile communication is undesirable


SMART-paint holds a Patent of Ukraine for a utility model. The screening efficiency is confirmed by the UkrMetrTestStandart test protocol in accordance with the US MIL-STD 461F standard.