Oleksii Oliinyk
Project manager Oleksii Oliinyk

A combination of alarm functions and GPS-beacon, special mode of "search" by radio, high autonomy,

small dimensions.


All information stored or used by this system is encrypted with your personal key. No one in the world, except you, will be able to read and use it.


All thieves and hijackers know that GPS trackers and beetles are useless inside the premises. They will determine the location by cellular towers. In the best case, you will know the area where your property is located.


If you use the tracker MARK-GPS MOTO, the search key will accurately point to the door of a box, garage or flat where the stolen is stored.


You will not be able to find your motorbike or car, hidden in a usual metal garage of a large cooperative, with a conventional tracker. The tracker will not find the exact coordinates under the metal roof. In the best case, you will know the approximate area where your vehicle is being disassembled for spare parts at this moment.


MARK-GPS MOTO never “sleeps”, does not require owner intervention (no guarding ON / guarding OFF), does not call and does not "bombard" the owner with useless SMS. You will be informed on alarm no later than 40 seconds after the theft. The search keychain will allow to locate our device even in a closed box in an underground parking where no cellular communication is possible.


MARK-GPS MOTO | Sikorsky Challenge