Project manager Taras Rodtsevych
Project manager Taras Rodtsevych

The LookSize project is a SAAS solution for online stores of clothing and footwear. We have developed a universal widget for the virtual trying on and selection of size that helps shoppers to easily and quickly, and most importantly, precisely choose online their clothing without specimen for try on.


The problem of size determination is the biggest obstacle for shoppers of clothing and shoes online.


It has its own historical roots. In the world, there is no universal system for determining the size at either the state level or at the level of clothing types. Each brand has its own size grid. Such grids (S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc.) of one brand may differ much from the similar size grids of others.


To buy the desired size, the shoppers need to study the size grids in detail, compare them with their measurements, or take the physical size of the product and add the necessary over-measures. This leads to the complexity of the purchase, afraid to buy goods of the wrong size, and the frequent return of the goods.


Our online service of size definition without specimen is based on the personal measurements of the body and the system of matching the appropriate size of clothing depending on the brand.


It is interesting for customers to fill in their data one time and that the system works with all websites as well as that the determination of the size and visualization were simple and understandable.


The most innovative in our solution are its:

  • versatility - we work both with size grids, and with the physical dimensions of goods,
  • integration rapidity (several hours),
  • simplicity and ease of use for customers.

To date, the system operates on the Ukrainian market. We have 104 registered online stores, 83,000 registered shoppers and 1,772 registered brands. As of today, we have made more than 1.1 million tryings on.


We are currently working on automating sales, automating billing, and automating the search for potential customers.


The entry into the North American market is planned for July 2019.


Over the next 5 years, we expect to get 10% of the world's online clothing trade market.