КЕА isоfix evolution

Project manager
Project manager

Universal retaining unit of various sizes for passive safety of passengers.


The technology is based on the new model of point fixing of universal retaining devices using the isofix system. The technological scheme of the innovative design of fastening of belts to the car body and the developed scheme of fixing a passenger by the belts are simple, use existing materials (belt, carabine, isofix loops) and enhance passive safety of passengers.


First of all, the unit is designed to protect small passengers in a car and make it possible to do it without a special car seat for children.


Safety belts gird the chest cross-over and keep the child from direct and lateral displacement. In addition, child safety is enhanced by placing the child below the hazardous area of the car’s glass and below the airbag operating zone.


The absence of intermediate elements between the passenger and the body parts of the vehicle also enhances the safety of the passenger.


The compact retaining unit has a minimum weight (1 kg) and optimally uses the interior space of the car. The proposed retaining units can be used in all types of transport with all seats equiped.


The unit is certified and patented.


Currently, the unit can only be used in cars with the ISOFIX mounting system, but it has a great innovative potential for further development of new devices based on this prototype.


The uniqueness of the device is determined in its versatility. Originally designed for young children, it can be adjusted for pregnant women and for people with disabilities.


Advantages of the design:

  • Adaptability for different age groups, passengers with different anatomical features;
  • Higher reliability, comfort, and absorption of shocks;
  • A significant number of standard sizes;
  • Use of modern high-quality components;
  • Higher quality parameters as those defined by the national and international standards.