iNet For Pat

Project manager N. Mykhaylychenko
Project manager N. Mykhaylychenko

The project is aimed at improving the quality of life of companion animals, especially those who are the only pet in the family and unable to communicate directly with representatives of their species.


The project envisages the creation of a social network for pets, as well as apps and gadgets that will make the leisure of animal companions more diverse.


iNet for Pet includes:


1. A foolproof holder for a tablet that lets you safely leave this gadget for animal fun.


The holder ensures the exit of the tablet from standby mode in response to a signal of the motion sensor. In addition, the holder contains a laser toy.


The holder is made of monolithic polycarbonate 3 mm. It has two compartments: the tablet is fixed in the top one, a motion sensor and a laser toy are located in the bottom one. The front wall of the top compartment is transparent. There is an anchor on the back wall to fix the holder on the wall.


The holder’s functions:

  • protect and fix the tablet;
  • exit of the tablet from the standby mode when the animal is approaching;
  • entertain the animal with a laser toy.

2. An application for a smartphone that allows the host of a pet:

  • to receive a signal that the tablet is out of standby mode (when the animal is approaching, the motion sensor signals to the tablet, the tablet goes out of standby mode and simultaneously sends a signal to the host’s smartphone via the application informing that the animal is online);
  • to take out remotely the tablet from the standby mode and to send a signal to the animal;
  • to see and hear the pet (streaming from the camera and tablet speakers to the smartphone);
  • to stream video and audio from the camera and speakers of the smartphone to the tablet;
  • to launch remotely a laser toy for a desirable amount of time;
  • to stream to the pet games, audio and video materials (other animals, the environment, training videos, etc.);
  • to share the stream from the tablet with other app users and social network users.

3. A website of a social network built on the principle of video chat to be used by pets.


By registering an account, an animal owner can set an automated (by the motion sensor) or optional (from the smartphone) connection to a website where, according to the subscription for one or a group of users or randomly, real-time video streams take place from the network, on the mutual or unilateral basis.


The following options are available in the account settings:

  • random streaming;
  • subscription streaming;
  • random streaming among accounts-followers;
  • random streaming among accounts of animals of a certain species;
  • streaming to closed or partially open (for friends) account.

A social network features:

  • bilateral or one-way video chat among user accounts;
  • thematic collections of fun and training video and audio content for certain species of animals;
  • collections of online games for animals of certain species.

4. A specialized gadget for entertaining pets in the form of a secure interactive touch panel.


The gadget provides better communication between pets and between pets and their owners. The interactive panel helps to make maximum use of the social network for pets, touch games and the smartphone app (as opposed to the holder for the tablet specified in clause 1 which ensures limited use).


Unlike existing online animal gadgets on the market, the tablet holder and the iNet for Pet application are primarily aimed at full-fledged audio and video content streaming for the animal. Reverse streaming (pet – owner), laser toy, tablet protection – additional features that are present in other similar gadgets. Unlike existing social networks of this type, the main users of the iNet for Pet website are the pets, not their owners.