Hydrogel wound healing bandages

Project manager Oleksandr Barabash
Project manager Oleksandr Barabash

Hydrogel bandages are thin elastic plates of a hydrogel made on the basis of biocompatible polymers and are designed for fast and comfortable healing of wounds of any area, including ulcers, burns, bedsores and other wounds that require a moist environment.


According to preclinical studies healing accelerates up to 2 times.


Features of our hydrogel bandages:

  • The area of the plate can be adjusted according to the needs, which is especially important for large burns and wounds.
  • They have good adhesion to healthy skin and wounds, but without the tendency to stick, changing the bandage is soft and painless for the patient, does not damage the young, growing epidermis.
  • They protect from infection from the outside but permeable to oxygen and medication.
  • Due to the high water content, they create a moist environment in the wound, which provides an optimal microclimate for regenerative processes.
  • They may contain antimicrobial, analgesic, hemostatic components, as well as biologically active substances (medicinal oils, extracts of medicinal plants).
  • They have a natural chitosan polysaccharide, which additionally stimulates immunity.
  • They have a long-lasting therapeutic effect of up to 2 - 7 days, during which occurs complete desorption of drugs from the coating.
  • They have a light cooling effect, ideal for first aid burns.
  • The gel does not dissolve and leaves no residue in the wound when removed.
  • They possess vapor permeability, capillarity, sorption capacity at the level of modern requirements for bandages for wound healing.
  • Production technology allows creating plates of different configuration and embossed inscriptions on them.
  • They have a relatively low cost.

The development is protected by patents of Ukraine.