A damless free-flow power

Andrii Muliarchuk
Project manager Andrii Muliarchuk

To solve the problem of efficient conversion of the energy of plain rivers flow into electricity without affecting the ecosystem and considerable investments, we propose a floating damless micro water power plant in which the kinetic energy of the natural water flow is used to rotate the turbine.


A damless free-flow power plant equipped by a low-speed hydrodynamic turbine with a self-regulating system of movable blades (Patent for Utility Model No. 80343 dated May 27, 2013) is a compact installation that can operate on plain rivers without any additional superstructures having no effect on the ecology of rivers.


A floating damless power plant will work efficiently in natural flows both on plain rivers and in some parts of mountain rivers (range of flow rates - from 0.6 m/s to 5 m/s or more depending on the strength of the structure) without changing the nature of the flow. For its operation, there is no need to change the level of water in the river (in contrast to existing micro-HEPS).


The generator can operate effectively at ultra-low rotations of the turbine (from 15 rpm) with a wheel diameter of 2 m. At a flow rate of 1.5 m/s, micro power plant outputs ~ 800 Watt.


The advantages of the design – mobility, environmental friendliness, reliability, work in winter.


Consumer segments – private sector, small and medium business, rescue services, public utility and municipal enterprises.