Mechatronic device for the production of alternative fuel - hydrogen.

Igor Nochnichenko
Project manager Igor Nochnichenko

Smart-Green – a technology for a safe and efficient way of obtaining ecological oxygen-hydrogen fuel from an aqueous solution by electrolysis, and a device with automatic keeping of optimum operating parameters.


The target audience: automotive, agriculture, high-tech engineering, military-industrial complex, renewable energy, space technologies.


Current state: three variants of the electrolyzer reactor have been designed and manufactured.


The first variant can be effectively used in the automotive complex as a catalyst for combustion to reduce fuel consumption.


The second variant of the electrolyzer can be supplied by domestic electric grid and can be used both in industry and a household for welding, soldering, cutting, etc.


The third variant of the electrolyzer has a small size and weight, and is characterized by high manufacturing efficiency, with no need for seals of electrolytic cells; it can be used in units with low consumption of hydrogen, for example, in unmanned aerial vehicles as a generator of fuel.