Heat-insulating material

Project Manager: Oleg Mundt
Project Manager: Oleg Mundt

Transparent heat-insulating material


The new transparent heat-insulating sheet material, which may be produced directly at the construction sites followed by the subsequent formation of plastic mass.


The material contains air (or inert gas), confined by the membrane structure of a transparent atmospheric-resistant polymer.


The material is produced by metered gas feeding into the liquid phase of the polymerization components and forming the resulting emulsion with its subsequent indurating.


Efficient use of solar energy and savings of building materials are achieved using the properties of the material (transparency, thermal insulating properties, and low density) for the creation of atmospheric protective shells, including those based on the lightest of known self-supporting structures.


As for such indicators as thermal insulating properties, low density, and low production cost, the proposed material far exceeds all modern analogs, including cellular polycarbonate, insulating glass units, and pneumatic ETFE films.


The material can be used in the construction of greenhouses, orangeries, awning hangars, in combination with tension film and awning coatings, in the capital construction in blocks and sandwich panels for wall openings and in the form of plastic mass to fill building cavities.


The material combines a number of properties with high technical and operational performance:

  • Thickness, mm: 5 – 50
  • Transparency: to 75% of the visible spectrum
  • Thermal insulating, W/(M*K): to 0.035
  • Relative density, kg/m3: about 3
  • Production cost, USD per cubic meter: about 30

Application - residential and industrial construction - the most powerful segments of the Ukrainian and world markets.


Samples obtained through laboratory production are already undergoing climatic tests.