Mobile robots

Project manager Roman Zinko
Project manager Roman Zinko

Mobile robotic complex that solves problems in life-threatening processes and situations with minimal human presence: 

  • In military affairs – reconnaissance, surveillance, remote use of weapons, logistical support of fortified tactical localities
  • In emergencies – reconnaissance of technological accidents, demining
  • In safeguarding – portable points of observation (monitoring) and patrolling the territory
  • In agriculture – monitoring of crop maturing, transportation (within the field), disinfection of farms (poultry, pig farms, etc.)


The mobile robotic complex consists of: 

  • Means of transporting ground mobile robots (tractive unit, semi-trailer)
  • Group of ground mobile robots (according to the specialization – logistics, reconnaissance, combat, etc.)
  • Monitoring and control system of robots location (operator points, quadcopters, mobile surveillance cameras, etc.)