Project manager Danylo Kovalenko
Project manager Danylo Kovalenko

The offered new cryoacoustic waste recycling method is absolutely environmentally friendly, economical, and retains secondary raw materials.


Annually, more than 1 billion of worn tires are accumulated, and only about 20% are recycled.


Available methods of recycling have a number of shortcomings: high energy consumption, damage to the environment, destruction of valuable raw materials, low efficiency.


The new recycling technology consists in deep cooling of the tires with liquid nitrogen and their subsequent breaking up by ultrasonic waves and alternating magnetic field. As a result, rubber crumbs are produced that can be reused, as well as metal cord that is separated by an electromagnet.


The new method for recycling waste tires is environmentally friendly, high-performance and energy-saving.


The recycling of tires by cryoacoustic method is more than 15 times more advantageous in terms of electricity costs, compared with the cryomechanical method.