Project manager Vitalii Pasechnyk
Project manager Vitalii Pasechnyk

In Europe and America, vacation in mobile homes is very popular. In Ukraine, it is only gaining momentum.


A mobile home (camper) is a car or trailer, in which there is everything you need to live: a bedroom, a kitchen, a shower, a toilet and more.


However, while the camper is parked at the camping, it is possible to travel around the area only on foot or on bicycles that need to be taken with you or hired.


We offer a new type of mobile home of modular design.


The CangUA modular camper is a small electric car (Smart For Twoo Electric) inside a hybrid remotely controlled platform.


In motion, the camper represents a single whole. And after parking at a camping, the electric car can leave the platform (home) and be used for traveling around.


The platform as the main module on the wheels is equipped with a combined engine (generator + electric) and provides users with premium convenience at an average price.


Compared to the main offers of competitors, the CangUA modular camper wins on the main functional characteristics - comfort, speed, efficiency, autonomy and easy adaptation.