Project Manager Melnyk I.P.
Project Manager Melnyk I.P.

The innovative technology of recycling organic waste of poultry farms into high-quality fertilizers of a new generation.


The problem of industrial poultry farms is the processing of organic waste (poultry manure).


About 5.0 million tons of organic waste of poultry farms is produced in Ukraine every year, and less than 50% of them is recycled. The rest is stored on the territory of poultry farms.


Existing waste processing technologies for poultry farms offer to burn the waste after its drying or conversion them to biogas. Such processing technologies are expensive and affordable only by large agricultural holdings.


Our technology offers microbiological fermentation of waste using the Vermistym-D biopreparation and the production of high-quality fertilizer of the new generation BioProferm.


Three patents of Ukraine protect the development.


The experimental bioreactor has been assembled, the first batch of drug Vermistym-D is produced.


5,000 tons of poultry farms wastes have been recycled, 10,000 tons of fertilizer Bioproferm have been produced, and 80% have been sold.


The marketing analysis of the EU, the Middle East, and Egypt has been carried out.