Project manager O. Korchuganova
Project manager O. Korchuganova

A technology for production of calcium nitrate (mineral fertilizer, chemical raw material) from the waste of industrial water treatment.


The global demand for calcium nitrate is estimated at $ 9.05 billion in 2015 and will increase by 5.4 per cent per year between 2016 and 2021.


In addition to the main product, it is possible to obtain several more: chemically deposited calcium carbonate and two other types of mineral fertilizers.


In Ukraine, there are about 10 million hectares of acid soils in the arable land. They need to be fertilized with mineral fertilizers that contain calcium.


Potential suppliers of cheap raw materials (waste) for the production of fertilizers include 15 TPPs and 36 CHPPs. Approximate production capacity is 5 million tons ($ 2.5 billion).


One of the advantages of the project consists in fast payback (according to preliminary calculations less than 1 year).