Andrii Konovalenko
Project manager Andrii Konovalenko

CamTouch is a device that makes it possible to turn any surface into an interactive one and manage it with a laser pointing or special stylus.


The device consists of a projector, a webcam, a stylus, and software. To work, you need to install software to your computer, connect the webcam and select the surface to send the image from the projector or monitor. With a stylus you can perform any mouse actions – move, highlight, manage the presentation. And you do not even need to approach the surface, all the actions can be carried out remotely.


CamTouch is an alternative to interactive equipment that in the form of boards, tables and even kiosks rapidly burst into our life and takes up more and more space in it. Educational institutions, banks, business structures, shopping centers are increasingly using these tools in their activities.


Interactive surfaces are no doubt popular. But the price of the board starts from a thousand dollars plus software costs. And the price of Ukrainian CamTouch is only $ 349.