Project manager Dmitro Korets
Project manager Dmitro Korets

BookShare is a social and educational project that is an automated online book-sharing service between people, a kind of bookcrossing online but with undeniable benefits.


Now, most people own extensive home libraries, most of which are idle and dusty because they have been read only once and are no longer interesting to the owner.


People read a lot, and still often turn to paper books, which are now quite expensive. BookShare allows you to find people and share literature using the following algorithm: a user in an online office fills in his library (a list of books he is ready to exchange on a permanent or temporary basis) and his wish-list (a specific book, genre, sub-genre, author) - and all.


From time to time, the system "flags" the user - finds matches with other people with mutual interests, considering the geolocation of users, and notifies both parties. After that, a dialogue is opened between the people, they can arrange a meeting, exchange books and leave feedback about each other after the exchange. The project is designed for web and mobile versions.