Bonechar. Poultry dropping thermal utilization into biochar and NPK

Project manager Volodymyr Klius
Project manager Volodymyr Klius

The new technology makes it possible to recycle the animal and vegetable waste of into safe and environmental friendly fertilizers. It solves two problems. The first one is ecological. The solution consists in the thermal utilization of animal waste by the method of oxidative pyrolysis. The second problem is agrotechnical. The solution consists in the creation of production of high-quality organic phosphate fertilizer from animal waste, obtained as a result of thermal utilization.


The development of poultry farming requires the solution of the issue of the poultry manure disposal. It needs to be properly disposed considering that the poultry manure contains nutrient elements (NPKs).


The project provides a two-stage technology of the poultry manure disposal. At the first stage, granules are produced from the liquid manure and filler (straw chips, sawdust) and dried.


The second stage is the processing of granules in a gasifier-reactor by heat treatment. The products of processing are solid carbonated poultry manure, and flammable pyrolysis gas.


The content of nutrients in carbonated poultry manure is twice higher as in the ashes obtained from burning of poultry manure.


Fossil fuels are not used for the thermal treatment of poultry manure. The content of nutrients corresponds to traditional fertilizer. The operating temperature of 600-800°C provides a reliable decomposition of harmful substances into simple compounds with a zero balance of CO2 emissions.


Fields of application: poultry farms, farms for keeping of ducks, geese, quails.


At present: the technology is patented, a prototype of the reactor is created and technical documentation for the pilot plant is developed.