Multisensor Aziot

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Project manager

Studies of the effect of CO2 on human health have shown that at high concentrations of this gas in the air a significant reduction in attention and a chronic fatigue appear. Moreover, carbon dioxide is a cause of increased morbidity of humans. With prolonged exposure to carbon dioxide on the human body, biochemical changes in the blood begin, leading to hypertension, attenuation of the cardiovascular system, and so on.


It is necessary to control carbon dioxide not only in schools, kindergartens and offices, but also in apartments, especially in bedrooms. The high content of carbon dioxide in the apartment can lead to headaches and insomnia.


For plants everything is exactly the opposite. First of all, for them, carbon dioxide is a source of carbon for the process of photosynthesis. Numerous experiments have shown that when enriching the air of greenhouses with carbon dioxide, not only plant productivity increases and their growth accelerates, but also their resistance to various diseases increases.


It is equally important to monitor the humidity level in the room.


Too high humidity leads to mold, viruses, fungus and dust mites that can cause allergies and respiratory diseases. High humidity can cause arthritis, increased fatigue and migraines.


Too low humidity is also extremely dangerous for human health. It can lead to nosebleeds, irritation of the eyes, itching, difficulty in breathing, emotional irritability.


The Multisensor AZIOT enables remote monitoring of air quality in any room.


The device provides information about the temperature of air, humidity and amount of СО2 in the room both on the device itself and on a user’s mobile phone. It has onboard sensors of temperature, humidity, CO2, atmospheric pressure, the presence of external power supply, a clock and a battery pack with a remote indication of its charge. Power supply of the device is made from 220V AC network. The power consumption of the device is 3 Watts.


The principle of operation of the system is that information about temperature, humidity, CO2, atmospheric pressure and the state of the battery is transmitted through redundant and encrypted communication channels from the multisensor to the cloud, to the central server of the system. On the central server, the information is processed, analyzed, verified and transmitted through encrypted communication channels to end users (PC, tablet, smartphone).


The system is designed in such a way that several users, depending on their access permissions, can receive information from one or more multisensors. In addition, several multisensors can be combined into a separate group and displayed on a dashboard in the form of colorful indicators, both on the map of the area and on the plan of the building.


The software of an IoT platform is the core of the AZIOT Multisensor system and is installed on the central server of the system. Appropriate applications for iOS, Android are installed on mobile devices and provide information from multisensors in real-time, while the user of the system can be anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet.