Artificial knee joint with adaptive properties

Project manager Oleksandr Luhovskyi
Project manager Oleksandr Luhovskyi

The aim of development.


The main task of project is to resolve a problem of people, who have injured knee or lost leg. The result of development is to design new adaptive exoprosthetic of knee joint.


Main requirements to design.


Design of new knee prosthetic must to provide full imitation of human leg kinematics, according to movement angles and velocities, with stable force characteristics in the non-stable temperature environment. Design has to allow possibility for human to walk on flat surface or surface with non-complicated relief, walk the stairs and allow human to run and swim. The construction of the knee prosthetic needs to be light, reliable, durable and easy-adjustable to personal human needs.


The main idea of design.


Requirements of movement velocities and displacement angles are provided by the special hinge joint. Damping characteristics are ensured via original shock absorber with combined pneumatic, hydraulic and magnetic damping parts. Steadiness of force characteristics is provided by using temperature-sensible materials in adjustable (adjustment) throttles.


Current status and achievements.


Damper and hinge joint were simulated via programs: SolidWorks, MatLab and MathCAD. Results of simulation and experimental researches have proved the main idea of proposed design. Samples of pneumo-hydraulic and hydro-magnetic combined shock absorbers were made. Possibility of adaptation to temperature changes at the determined range was proved by experiment. The mechanical joint of knee prosthetic was made via 3D-print.


Project “The adaptive knee prosthetic” achieved diplomas of the finalist and the winner of competition of start-up projects “Sikorsky Challenge-2017”. Also it received Grant of the President of Ukraine.


The patent of adaptive prosthetic device is in review of Ukrainian patent bureau, submission number of invention is #201706789.