Apparatus VAWH

Project manager M. Tereshenko
Project manager M. Tereshenko

 An apparatus for vacuum absorption and sanitation of wounds (VASW apparatus) is a newest solution for highly effective treatment of wound surfaces, based on the combined local action of negative pressure and the influence of finely dispersed particles of medicinal preparations.


In order to solve the problem of rapid effective treatment of unhealthy, trophic, deep traumatic, gunshot and infectious wounds, the device for vacuum absorption and wound sanitation is proposed that includes a vacuum absorption apparatus and an ultrasonic sprayer. It significantly reduces the treatment time and increases the likelihood of recovery of severely injured patients.


The process of therapy consists of two stages of treatment:


1) vacuum absorption of foreign substances from the surface of the wound;


2) moisturizing and disinfecting the surface of the wound with spray medications using an ultrasonic sprayer.


The apparatus for vacuum absorption and sanitation of wounds can be used in stationary, home and field conditions – this is an important step in the promising rapid treatment of wounds with vacuum cleaning of the surface of deep wounds and the effective action of fine dispersed pharmaceutical preparations.