Antibacterial packaging

Project manager
Project manager

Food packaging made of innovative polymeric material that has the properties of inhibiting bacterial infections and pathogens.


The unique product has no analogs of food packaging products with an antibacterial component of vegetable origin.


The technology is based on the processes of wrap extrusion and thermoforming of the final product with the adding of additives and antibacterial component during the extrusion stage.


The antibacterial effect is achieved with a natural active ingredient. This antibacterial component contains no metal ions, metal salts, nanoparticles or synthetic components with silver ions.


Numerous tests have shown a long-lasting effect that reduces the number of bacteria, germs and other pathogens (eg E. Coli, Staph, MRSA) over a short period of time.


The product is designed for food producers and catering companies, food exporters, etc.


The use of film will provide:

  • inhibiting bacterial infections and pathogens,
  • extension of the shelf life of products,
  • significant reduction of food waste,
  • prevention of poisoning of consumers.