Project manager Oleg Anhel
Project manager Oleg Anhel

Anhelite is a unique fixing agent for fixing fasteners in porous building materials.


At present, the construction of buildings with materials such as aerated concrete, foam concrete, shell deposit and others is becoming increasingly popular (especially in the private sector). These cellular building materials have a small specific weight and are well machinable. Construction with these materials takes little time. But blocks of the porous structure, along with such positive properties as lightness and low thermal conductivity, have negative properties. The porous material is easily crumbling that creates the problem of the choice and fixation of mounting for the installation of electrical equipment, plumbing, furniture, water and gas pipelines.


The manufacturer declares that the screw which is screwed up in the gas block, can withstand a load of up to 80 kg. Indeed, it is true if you pull out the screw from the gas block applying the force exactly along the screw’s axis. But if you try to do the same shaking the screw from side to side, the critical load limit will decrease to 10-15 kg. If desired, the screw can be pulled out with your fingers. In addition, alkalis contained in light concrete accelerate the corrosion of metal elements and damage them.


For porous materials, there are various types of metal products: frame and fir-tree plugs, chemical anchors, and others. But basically all the proposed fasteners also have a number of disadvantages, such as a fairly high cost, short-term fastening, impossibility, if necessary, to remove them, etc.


Taking into account all the above, an Anhelite fixing agent was developed. The agent is a two-component chemical fluid that is inserted into the opening for a metal fastener.


Due to high fluidity, the liquid fixing agent penetrates to the capillaries of the material, and then solidifies. Thus, inside the material around the metal fastener, a solid elastic pillow is formed that holds it and does not allow the material to be destroyed.


Angelite is made of two kinds, for rough works of brown color, and transparent for fastening of interior items.


Advantages of Ahgelite fixing agent:

  • a sharp increase of the loadings for metal fasteners;
  • an increase of the service lifetime of the metal fasteners (their lifetime is equal to the service lifetime of the wall itself);
  • a possibility to remove and install mounting elements many times;
  • ease of use;
  • low cost.

Anhelite significantly increases the quality of construction work, and reduces the cost of construction and operation of buildings.