Universal recycling complex

Project manager
Project manager

A universal environmental friendly recycling comlex is offered that ensures getting of cheap energy through the two-stage burning of both conventional and non-conventional fuels.


The project combines three innovative Ukrainian solutions at once:

  • Waste boiler „Alligator”,
  • Dry contact cleaning body,
  • Centrifugal filter.

All of them are protected by patents for utility models, and certified.


The recycling comlex offers a very important solution to such problems as environmental cleanliness and the production of cheap energy through the use of combustible waste as a fuel with environmental friendly production of heat energy.


Potential consumers of the recycling complex:

  • Enterprises that have their own combustible waste,
  • High energy consumpting enterprise,
  • Energy generating enterprises,
  • Communities interested in ecologically-clean environment

At the moment, the model line of 12 waste boilers (25 kW to 3.15 MW) has been certified.