Support the Sikorsky Challenge Festival with your donation

Dear friends,


The Innovation Ecosystem “Sikorsky Challenge Ukraine” is one of the leading innovation platforms in Ukraine.

The goal of our ecosystem is to develop and support an environment where new ideas and innovative technologies are born. We help create start-up companies and small high-tech enterprises to bring high-tech products and services to the markets.


From the first day of the war, we did not leave Kyiv and continued to work. We taught innovation entrepreneurship in our startup school, advised and worked with project teams, presented four innovative projects at the 10th anniversary South Summit event in Madrid. 


Every year we hold the Sikorsky Challenge Festival of Innovation Projects. Despite the war, we should hold this Festival this year as well, because we are convinced that the introduction of innovations will help to quickly and effectively rebuild Ukraine after the war.


Never in the history of our country have we experienced such terrible destruction: dozens of completely destroyed cities and towns, industrial enterprises, hospitals, museums, universities and schools. We have to rebuild our country, its economy and security quickly and efficiently based on modern innovative solutions.


Before the war, our activities were supported by Ukrainian and foreign investment partners. Some of them now take care of the supply of weapons for our army, and some others are unable now to sponsor the Festival.


We kindly ask you to support our annual Festival of Innovation Projects “Sikorsky Challenge 2023” in the difficult for us wartime and become our partner-sponsor.


We will be grateful for any financial assistance.


We also plan to record a video about the sponsoring partners of our Festival. If you become our sponsoring partner, we will ask you to give a short interview for our video.



Organizing Committee of the All-Ukrainian Festival of Innovation Projects “Sikorsky Challenge 2023”