MultiViewer Wider is a projection monoblock with panoramic screen and active equipment on board.


Laser display technologies provide high-resolution and contrasting content, a built-in powerful computer and stereo speakers make it possible to data-drive and voice both small classrooms and assembly halls or exhibition complexes


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Preparation REDOXfactor changes the electronic properties of drinking water, makes the water electron-donor, provides water with antioxidant, restorative, hero-protective and radioprotective properties.





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CamTouch is a complex that makes it possible to turn any flat surface into interactive one and to manage it with a laser pointer or a special stylus.


The complex consists of a projector, a webcam, a stylus and software.



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Tracker MARK-GPS MOTO combines alarm functions and a GPS beacon, a special mode of "search" on the radio, high autonomy and small dimensions.

The search keychain will accurately indicate on the door of the box, garage or apartment where the stolen is kept. 


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Energy Help

Energy Aid is a service for joint purchases of energy-saving products with a discount of up to 50%.


Usually, it is possible to buy goods at such low prices only at the time of sales, but our partner shops are ready to give a discount at any time.



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Geo-spatial system of integrated evaluation of agricultural land "GeoAgroEvaluation " -

a system that can provide an objective evaluation of the value of agricultural land, the state of the infrastructure of the area, information on crop rotation and many other useful information.


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Artificial knee joint with adaptive properties

Development of an active prototype of an adaptive prosthetic of human knee joint with a thermostable pneumo-hydraulic (magnetic, ferromagnetic) damper.







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WingX-ray – a mobile complex for digital 3D non-destructive X-ray inspection in aviation.

Application of technology of tomosynthesis enables to conduct a deep layer examination which makes it possible to detect internal defects of units made of composite materials as well as complex mechanisms.

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Smart Test

Smart Test - a convenient, cheap and reliable strip for blood glucose meters that control the level of sugar in the blood.

Smart Test is designed for personal monitoring of glucose in blood or other biological fluids, and can also be used in the food industry to monitor glucose content in products.


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Solar thermodynamic power plant

A solar thermodynamic power plant that generates an electric current from sunlight.


A line of models of 3kW, 5kW, 10kW which can work independently or completed in a single solar power plant is available.




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Carbon sorption dressing

Active carbide fiber medical band with unique characteristics that provides rapid absorption of a large number of various biologically active components from wound fluids.




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OpenWorld is a social project to help blind and vision-impaired people by optimizing and improving the city where they live.




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A damless free-flow power

To solve the problem of efficient transformation of the flow energy of lowland rivers into electricity without affecting the ecosystem and significant investment, floating damless micro-hydroelectric power units can be used, in which the kinetic energy of the natural water flow is used for rotation of the hydro turbine.

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Portable installation using air-water-carbon plasma for heating of heat carriers

The installation is intended for the individual co-generative power engineering. It is used as an alternative to natural gas and coal.


It is proposed to replace traditional types of combustion with plasma, where air or carbon dioxide acts as a plasma-forming gas, and a water-coal mixture is a reactant.



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Mechatronic device for the production of alternative fuel -  ydrogen

"Smart Green" technology for safe and efficient way of obtaining ecological oxygen-hydrogen fuel from an aqueous solution by electrolysis and a device with automatic keeping of rational parameters of operating modes.




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Конкурс стартапов Sikorsky Challenge-2018

We invite you to take part in the VIII Startup Competition and to present your innovative project on one of the most important annual events in the field of innovation of Ukraine.


The purpose of this event is to identify the most interesting and up-to-date projects in various fields of technology, and to provide their authors with the assistance in commercialization, creation of successful startup companies, and launching the innovative products into the national and international markets.


The Startup Competition is one of the most important annual events in the field of innovations in Ukraine. It usually involves project developers in many fields of science and technology and representatives of large investment business.


Submission of applications for the 2019 Startup Competition has already started!

February 12, 2019, the Startup School “Sikorsky Challenge” starts training under the program "Practice to Launching Startup".


Change your life – come to our school!


We are waiting for:

those who tried to create their own business, but something was wrong

those who DID NOT try to create a business, but are delighted with their super-ideas

those who have a great desire for a creative and interesting life, have interesting projects, but do not understand how to make a profitable business of them


Come and we will launch your startup together!


Please use the following link to apply >>>