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Smart Paint

SMART paint shields electromagnetic radiation by its reflection and absorption. The paint can also be used as a conductive base, and can be applied to any materials and surfaces of any complexity.





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 Electrothermosurgical instruments

Electrothermosurgical instruments for minimally invasive and endoscopic surgical interventions. The bipolar technology of making tools gives the surgeon additional advantages in surgical intervention, and allows to work with all thermosurgical tools.



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Heat-insulating material

A new heat-insulating sheet material containing air closed by the membrane structure of a transparent weather-resistant polymer. Production of the material is possible directly on construction sites with the subsequent formation of plastic mass.




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An innovative technology for recycling of organic waste of poultry farms. Microbiological fermentation of waste with the Vermistym-D biological preparation and the production of high-quality fertilizers of the new generation "Bioproperty" is offered.


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Unique software that can "manifest" X-ray and tomographic images.

It makes it possible to carry out tomographic and radiographic scanning of patients at a much lower level of output voltage of the tomographic and radiographic apparatus.


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Acid Correction Module for Dielectric Fluid Purifikation Filter complex DFPF

Modernization of dielectric fluid cleaning filters (DFCF) by modules of acidity correction of lubricating oils with replaceable cartridges, which allows to slow down the process of lubricant aging as well as to extend the life of the lubricant-consuming equipment.



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Modular camper is a small electric car inside a hybrid remotely controlled platform.


In motion, the camper represents a single whole. And after parking at a camping, the electric car can leave the platform (home) and be used for traveling around.



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TIRE-CRUSHING. Recycling of waste tires and rubber waste by cryoacoustic method.

Ecologically safe and economical technology for recycling waste tires.


The technology consists in deep cooling of the tires with liquid nitrogen and their subsequent breaking up by ultrasonic waves and alternating magnetic field.



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A technology for production of calcium nitrate (mineral fertilizer, chemical raw material) from the waste of industrial water treatment. An advantage of the project - fast payback (according to preliminary calculations less than 1 year).





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RoadSSL - Smart street lighting

Due to the developed solution of smart street lighting, it is possible to reduce costs by 30% compared to existing LEDs systems, and to reduce additional maintenance and maintenance costs by up to 70% compared to classic lighting systems.




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UATAG - technology of counterfeit protection

A method of protection against counterfeits based on the uniqueness of cracks in the glass. Each product item is provided with an individual tag with a non-reproducible pattern of cracks on the glass which cannot be repeated. The blockchain technology is used to save tag digital data.



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Конкурс стартапов Sikorsky Challenge-2018

We invite you to take part in the VIII Startup Competition and to present your innovative project on one of the most important annual events in the field of innovation of Ukraine.


The purpose of this event is to identify the most interesting and up-to-date projects in various fields of technology, and to provide their authors with the assistance in commercialization, creation of successful startup companies, and launching the innovative products into the national and international markets.


The Startup Competition is one of the most important annual events in the field of innovations in Ukraine. It usually involves project developers in many fields of science and technology and representatives of large investment business.


Submission of applications for the 2019 Startup Competition has already started!

February 12, 2019, the Startup School “Sikorsky Challenge” starts training under the program "Practice to Launching Startup".


Change your life – come to our school!


We are waiting for:

those who tried to create their own business, but something was wrong

those who DID NOT try to create a business, but are delighted with their super-ideas

those who have a great desire for a creative and interesting life, have interesting projects, but do not understand how to make a profitable business of them


Come and we will launch your startup together!


Please use the following link to apply >>>